10 Week Accelerator Game Missions

WEEK 1: Body relaxation

Investment starts with body positioning. First exercise I do with students on program. Master your body and master the game. Focus on looking less invested with your body.

Find an area of the club. Physically relax by locking in. Open from locked in position. Notice the change that happens when you express yourself from a truly relaxed context. 10 Approaches MINIMUM like this.

WEEK 2: Social Awareness

Social awareness = attraction. Demonstrating high levels of social awareness makes women comfortable.

This weeks challenge. GROUP SETS. 2 or more girls. Girls and guys in a group. Have an engaging conversation. Different groups have different dynamics.

GOAL is to figure out which girl is more likely to be pulled based on the group dynamic and befriend her and leave with a number.

MINIMUM of five approaches with this. End result should be you understanding group dynamics and getting out of your own way when it comes to socializing with the group.

WEEK 3: Logistics

Logistics is the key to getting consistent nighttime results. This weeks priority is logistics. Without logistics you’re essentially gaming “blind”. 

GOAL open up your eyes and FIND INFORMATION. Go to 10 girl MINIMUM and find 1) social logistics 2) living logistics 3) time logistics.

Decide where to go based on the information presented.

WEEK 4: Unlocking Your Mind

It’s time to unlock your mind when it comes to the conversations you’re having with women. Jump OUT of the value box. First step to unlocking her emotions.

GOAL - unlock your mind and unlock her emotions through the power of story telling.

10 girls MINIMUM - make up a story based on a topic, get a wing to join in. Tell the girl that story and find out how does it relate to her. EXAMPLE, pick a random word. Tell a story about that. Get HER to engage that.

THEN 5 girls minimum - tell a TRUE story, that relates to you. Get HER to engage that.

Expand your mind and jump out of the prison of “value based game.”

WEEK 5: Getting Sexual

Establish a sexual connection with the girl. Sexuality IS emotions. Timing is everything.

GOAL - sexuality and sub communication over your words.

Open 5 girls non verbally. No words used. Get into a physical interaction with the girl, via hug, or hand hold or close proximity.

ONLY speak after she verbalizes.

Most POWERFUL advanced exercise you can do.

WEEK 6: Emotional Game

Emotional game COMBINES sexuality with role-playing. This week completely remove all “neediness” and / or “value based” game.

Create two lists 1) five physical features or accessories in girls that you find the most attractive GET SPECIFIC 

2) Kinks that you might have relating to women. Various kinky behaviors or attributes that you enjoy aka tying up, strippers, thongs.

FIVE GIRLS TELL AS AN OPENER that they have the physical feature or kink you enjoy WHILE combining the physicality from last week.

Example: Fucckkk I wanna tie you up. 

Example: Jesus your lips. Amazing. Meet me.

RESULT - dive into DEEP sexual emotions with the girl.

WEEK 7: Leading

It’s time to learn how to properly lead. You can’t pull if you can’t lead. Again timing is everything.

“Hit em when they’re high.”

GOAL - Learn to lead as soon as you get the positive emotions.

5 separate girls. The second you get positive emotions aka laughing, physical touch, any investment - COME WITH ME…

Lead to bar, lead outside.

END RESULT - Learning to kick start MOMENTUM with your interactions, momentum leads to the pull.

WEEK 8: Making Shit Happen

Here’s how to convert the momentum INTO results. Necessary to convert emotional momentum into a pull so it doesn’t die out.

Setting up the pull. The turning point in every guys game. Learning how to go from the club, to back home.

GOAL - Learning how to make shit happen EARLY. PROACTIVE GAME. TAKING CHARGE.

With TEN girls - after the opener, you get positive emotions. JUST on this exercise. Use this line “I’m going 5 minutes away to grab drinks I want you to come with me”

Reinforcing this aggressive action taking and making shit happen paradigm. This isn’t the proper process. It’s a part of the accelerator to get you to expand your mind with pulling.

WEEK 9: The Logical Long Game

This weeks exercise is during the day. It’s important to understand how to create longer connections that will lead to dates in the future. The LOGICAL frame is how you do this.

The emotional frame is for the moment, the logical frame is long term. In order to set up dates and have girls remember you as a viable short term dating option AFTER the interaction is over, you need to understand the logical dating frame.

GOAL - set up dates with 3 girls in 10 approaches. Low bar, if you can do better, AWESOME! Instead of rushing the approach to the number. Figure out as much information about the girl as possible while giving her information about yourself.

Make plans. Location, and paint a picture. Tentative date and time.

Then text her or have her text you.

WEEK 10: Quality Over Quantity

Sniper game exercise. Its time to put into practice what we’ve done.

Limit yourself to no more than 10 approaches in the night.

Only open quality girls. Follow the Fuck Boy Dating Principles.

Put a laser like focus on either pulling or setting up a date. Don’t just interact to interact.